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Every user or visitor showing interest in this subject matter is given a short description of the measures to be taken prior to the therapy by means of the Tonic of Dr. Janko Gregorin, P.M.

Dr. Janko Gregorin

A few notes about

Dr. Janko was born in 1966 in Rijeka. After graduating from high school, he survived a serious accident. The event change his life because of the consequences. Then he devotes his life to finding a solution.

After managing his troubles, he decides to devote his life to finding new medicines.

The Tonic

He inherited all his knowledge of natural medicine (traditional herbs) from his family from the female side. Already as a teenager he was creating his own cosmetic ideas.

He was guided by the thought of discovering a substance that would stop aging on a cellular basis. It was on this thought that he created the substance with which he began to work. Although it gave excellent results it was not commercially usable. Then begins refining the formula which he called Tonic. After 5 years of intensive research, Tonic takes on its final form and becomes commercial. Hundreds of subjects followed, whose pathologies showed incredible substance efficiency. Their pathologies were healed with remarkable speed. The effect of the substance, initially expected to stop cellular aging, has in practice been shown to act in a way to regenerate tissue regardless of cellular structure.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Janko Gregorin, P.M. in Rijeka by prearrangement.

Tonic Extract

With a good tonic experience in the field of malignancies, there was a desire to round off the cocktail, which would be targeted for all pathological forms. Thus, after 8 years of intensive research, in the field of malignant diseases, tonic extract was created as a new formula to combat soft tissue metastases.

By working together tonics and tonic extracts, which together make the cocktail needed to completely solve malignant diseases, the cocktail has been made the solution for all forms of pathologies and malignant diseases.

So we can say that this site is the announcement that a cure for cancer has been found.

Tests have demonstrated – as you can also see in the pictures – that the Tonic, the preparation which was invented in 1989, eliminates the homogeneity of tumor tissues to a significant extent in a three hours. The other picture to the right shows that the Tonic Extract, the preparation which was invented in 2002, blocks the growth and function of tumor tissues within a three hours. Owing to its crystal-forming effect, it can eliminate the homogeneity of the tumor cells of nodes even more efficiently. The research was conducted at the Institute for Cancer Research and Biochemistry in Ljubljana.

Formula "CroNos2"

The specific formula makes part of class of alimentary substance thanks to a number of adequate ingrediants has shown efficient action in varius pathology in human respiratory system. Active ingredients in given combination offer the protective action on mucosis in mouth, and throat. Preparation has very pleasant taste, liked by all patients from youngest to oldest. Added fruit and vitamins stimulate the immune system, together with basic active substance which specifically offers strong immune support.

This combination and thoroughly chosen dosage makes the preparation properly indicated in the wide range of respiratory pathology, of acute and chronic nature, such are bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia of diferent origin, bronhitis, vocal cords inflammation, long lasting cough of undetified origin, common flu, and various viral and bacterial infectionns and inflammation in respiratory system.

The preparation has never been commercialised. From 2002. it has the registered patent from Austrian Ministry of Patents in Vienna, with additional remark about its originality and as a novelty in EU.

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